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13 TOR
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Expected Goals

Discover the diverse range of xG metrics from Ricardo Rodríguez, including xG per 90 minutes, xGper shot, xG per shot on target, and xG build-up.

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Game Performance

Examine diverse performance metrics of Ricardo Rodríguez and statistical trends in his season's accomplishments. Utilize the filter feature to select from a range of performance indicators and statistics.

High level
Mid level
Low level
1vs1 Index: 83.87
FC Turin
1vs1 Index: 50
AC Mailand
1vs1 Index: 96.77
FC Turin
1vs1 Index: 45.16
US Salernitana 1919
1vs1 Index: 70.37
FC Turin
1vs1 Index: 68.97
Lazio Rom
1vs1 Index: 80.65
FC Turin
1vs1 Index: 42.86
Juventus Turin
1vs1 Index: 64.52
FC Turin
1vs1 Index: 58.62
US Lecce
1vs1 Index: 27.59
FC Turin
1vs1 Index: 82.14
AC Monza
1vs1 Index: 83.33
FC Bologna
1vs1 Index: 44.83
FC Turin
1vs1 Index: 60
Frosinone Calcio
1vs1 Index: 65.52
FC Turin
1vs1 Index: 96.55
FC Turin
1vs1 Index: 54.84
AC Florenz
1vs1 Index: 68.97
FC Turin
1vs1 Index: 75.86
Genua CFC
1vs1 Index: 53.33
Cagliari Calcio
1vs1 Index: 40
FC Turin
1vs1 Index: 24.14
US Sassuolo
1vs1 Index: 29.03
AS Roma
1vs1 Index: 30
FC Turin
1vs1 Index: 58.62
SSC Neapel
1vs1 Index: 73.33
Udinese Calcio
1vs1 Index: 72.41
FC Turin
1vs1 Index: 70
FC Empoli
1vs1 Index: 82.76
FC Turin
1vs1 Index: 75
FC Turin
1vs1 Index: 24.14
Inter Mailand
1vs1 Index: 65.52
FC Turin
1vs1 Index: 32.26
Hellas Verona
1vs1 Index: 96.55
FC Turin

Heat Map

Explore heat map of Ricardo Rodríguez to gain insights into his positioning on the pitch. Identify his primary areas of presence and uncover the specific regions he tends to cover during matches.

Passing Map

Explore passing performance of Ricardo Rodríguez through the Passing Map. Utilize our filter options to analyze his completed passes, identify the most impactful passes that create scoring opportunities, examine his assists, and evaluate his uncompleted passes.

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Ricardo Rodríguez
13 TOR
Torino FC
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Check out Ricardo Rodríguez’s most asked questions with detailed answers.

How many goals did Ricardo Rodríguez score this season?
He has scored 1 times after 35 match days in the season 2023/2024. This makes him the number 261 scorer in the Serie A so far. His conversion rate for shots to goals is 5.88%.
How many assists does Ricardo Rodríguez have this season?
How are Ricardo Rodríguez’s defensive skills?
What position does Ricardo Rodríguez play?