About us

One-Versus-One AG

Dear football fans and stats maniacs Welcome to our website!

One Versus One is a tech start-up from Switzerland. We are totally crazy about football, so we have decided to set up a really cool stats tool. It's very user-friendly: You can easily follow your favourite player and ultimately find out who the best player is.

We analyze every day over 20 million data points and process them. Every action from every player is – believe it or not – manually put in the system with action ID’s and «geotags» to understand where the player performs an action on the pitch. From there our algorithms start processing data.

We have simple features like «shots on target» or really sophisticated stuff like «pass progression value» and «expected goal build-up».

Well anyways – you can see we are a little crazy but we love what we do. Our aim is to create the coolest, funniest and most interesting football stats community in the world. So if you have any good ideas, wishes or needs – just write us to goals@one-versus-one.com and we are happy to stay in touch!

Have a great football season and may your team with the best players win! Best wishes, Peter CEO One-Versus-One AG