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Duván Zapata
Duván Zapata

Salary Torino FC

Weekly total payout 746.0 K
Weekly average per player 29.3 K
Yearly total payout 38.8 M
Yearly average per player 1.5 M

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Who is the best player in Torino FC 2023/2024?
Currently the best player at Torino FC is Duván Zapata. His performance index is 98.24, he scored 12 goals and provided 4 assists. With 65 shots on goal and a conversion rate of 9.92% he is at the moment 1 in the Serie A.
Who is the best defender in Torino FC 2023/2024?
Who is the best midfielder in Torino FC 2023/2024?
Who is the best striker in Torino FC 2023/2024?

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