Cristiano Ronaldo
Seria A
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⚽How many goals did Cristiano Ronaldo score this season?

He has scored 1 times after 1 match days in the season 2020/2021. This makes him the number 96 scorer in the Seria A so far. His conversion rate for shots to goals is 10.

⚽How many assists does Cristiano Ronaldo have this season?

Cristiano Ronaldo has 0 assists after 1 match days in season 2020/2021. With these statistics he ranks number 731 in the Seria A. He also has a total of 0 chances created. With these statistics he ranks number 451 i the Seria A.

⚽How are Cristiano Ronaldo’s defensive skills?

In season 2020/2021. He has won 3 ariel duels and 0 tackles. On top of this he made a total of 1 blocks. Based on these statistics after match day 1 he ranks on number 1437 in the Seria A.

⚽What position does Cristiano Ronaldo play?

He is a Forward - Left central in Juventus. Within his team of Juventus he is currently ranked 4 best player of his team based on our 1vs1 Index Juventus.

⚽What is Cristiano Ronaldo's official website?

His official website is

Name comment
2 months ago
dream on! Ronaldo is the best player. he won the euro championship almost alone. He is a leader and one of the all time best players.
2 months ago
sorry bro - Ronaldo sucks. he is a good player - but he cant compete with the bug guys like messi, aguero, etc
2 months ago
Ronaldo is the best player ever. no one can compete with him!
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