Pierre Emerick Aubameyang
Premier League
58 867
⚽How many goals did Pierre Emerick Aubameyang score this season?

He has scored 20 times after 34 match days in the season 2019/2020. This makes him the number 7 scorer in the Premier League so far. His conversion rate for shots to goals is 23.81.

⚽How many assists does Pierre Emerick Aubameyang have this season?

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang has 3 assists after 34 match days in season 2019/2020. With these statistics he ranks number 286 in the Premier League. He also has a total of 16 chances created. With these statistics he ranks number 139 i the Premier League.

⚽How are Pierre Emerick Aubameyang’s defensive skills?

In season 2019/2020. He has won 25 ariel duels and 53 tackles. On top of this he made a total of 2 blocks. Based on these statistics after match day 34 he ranks on number 787 in the Premier League.

⚽What position does Pierre Emerick Aubameyang play?

He is a Forward - Central in Arsenal FC. Within his team of Arsenal FC he is currently ranked 4 best player of his team based on our 1vs1 Index Arsenal FC.

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