Willian Jose an almost impossible goal agains Eibar

Congrats Willian Jose! For this almost impossible goal! Our Analysis shows that only 3.03 out of 100 players could score such a goal. Check out the analysis of the top 3 most difficult goals in the La Liga
Willian Jose scores the game days most difficult goal agains Eibar.
This goal had only 3.03% chance of scoring. Congrats to this amazing performance!

Check out the game highlights:
Nr.2 place in the most difficult goal ranking is Martin Odegaard from Real Sociedad. The Xg value is 0.0707. What an amazing goal! And bad luck for Eibar 😊.
3rd place in the most difficult goal ranking was scored by Nabil Fekir (Real Betis). Outstanding performance by Nabil Fekir

Bravo! All 3 players did an amazing job. We love these goals and lets see who scores the most difficult goals next week.

Source: Youtube : www.youtube.com & Streamable : www.stremable.com 

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