5 Reasons Why Lyon has no chance against Bayern Munich in UCL Semi-Final…

At 1vs1 we have all the stats & data for you to go through, hence, we look into the big clash. Bayern Munich & Lyon created history in their own way in UCL Quarter Finals, now they both meet each other on Wednesday in the Semi Final, here are the 5 reasons why Lyon are no match for Bayern in this knockout tie:

1. Balanced & Prolific:

Bayern are a very balanced side whilst keeping their attacking threat intact. They possess players who are versatile to play different roles & positions, getting the job done, wonderfully. A very technically & tactically sound side able to press intelligently and set traps for the opposition. Even though they play a very high-line that gets out of shape- they have the cover & pace to counter that but at the same time there attacking nature buries the other team.In Champions League- Bayern has scored the most goals (39), most attempts (210), and most attempts on target (90).

Lewandowski is the top scorer & assister with (14) goals & (5) assists with others chipping in now & then such as Muller, Gnabry, Perisic, etc. 

2. Pace & Counter-Attacking:

Bayern Munich has a lot of pace in their side, something that trouble sides like Lyon, who sit deep and play a low block. Pace with quick transition of one-twos make it difficult for teams to track the opposition and doesn’t allow the teams to settle down, gaining their shape- moving ball faster and with pace, simply breaks down the compactness of conservative sides. 

With pace and good passers come a counter-attacking threat- Bayern has genius orchestrator in their midfield who runs the game, Thiago, and Muller who simply pops up anywhere connecting the attack with Goretzka making runs from the midfield. Bayern’s wingers are balanced with pace and technical players- Gnabry paired with Kimmich whereas Perisic is paired with Davies. This all makes them compose and makes them able to formulate real good quick plays, either going narrow or wide or central.

3. Crossing & In Opp. Box Game

Bayern has a huge threat when it comes to crossing & aerial game but they love to play inside the box of the opposition, they have scored (35) goals from inside the box & and only (4) goals from the outside.

Lewandowski leads their line, who plays the game, at times, as a target man(aerial duels 62 in Bundesliga) or as a floating striker when he feels the need. He’s an all-round striker backed up with his teammatesattacking the opponent’s box. The have won (80) corners (avg. 8.89), attempted (202) crosses in the Champions League, 2nd to only Liverpool and completed (48) crosses. Only Liverpool has completed more crosses (51) this season. 

Bayern has the ability to box in their opposition in their own half while keeping the ball and relentlessly attacking them.

4. Possession Game- Slow Tempo:

Bayern has some seriously good technical players, with intelligent tactical mindset, who are really good at passing and keeping the ball till they draw out opponents and find a gap. Till now they have attempted (6077) passes with (5340) passes completed at a pass completion rate of (88%). Their average ball possession in all their matches has been (61%). They are able to keep the ball for lengthy periods (avg. 38 minutes). Now that is exhausting for a team that’s defending because it makes a team lose concentration, makes them feel fed-up and try to get the ball to make something happen.

No one actually likes to sit & do nothing, do they?

Extremely technical players such as Thiago defines their tempo of the play, helped with Kimmich and Muller as an outlet that joins the attack. Perisic is another technical winger who uses his ability to cross and pick up positions for one-twos to trouble the opposition. 

Every player in the Bayern’s side are really good passers of the ball with the ability to switch from slow to fast and reverse, when needed.

5. Options from the Bench:

Lastly, Bayern has players on the bench that could well & truly change a game depending upon the circumstances, either for freshening up or just to tweak the system a bit. Their bench has players- mixture of young & experience with pace, technical ability and goals in them.

Players like Tolisso can come from the bench to bring stability to midfield or be that just to rest either Thiago or Goretzka, he has the ability to thread passes and join the attack. Kingsley Coman, is another attacking outlet who could come in and cause havoc with his pace & dribbling skill, he’s versatile enough to play on either wings (LW/RW) and even in CAM position held by Muller, against Barca, he came on and was right into the mix, hitting Barca’s post. The absolute game changer for Bayern from the bench is PhillipeCoutinho, won’t be at Bayern come new season, but there’s no denying about his attributes and qualities. The little magician knows a thing or two about playmaking &scoring crispy goals from set-pieces and long rangers curling shots from outside the box. He’s a no.10, who loves to dribble and create chances by threading cute passes in the opp. box, he came on from the bench against Barca to not only score twice but also to assist Lewandowski.  

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