Harry Wilson scores an almost impossible goal agains Tottenham Hotspur

Congrats Harry Wilson! For this almost impossible goal! Our Analysis shows that only 3.4 out of 100 players could score such a goal. Check out the analysis of the top 3 most difficult goals in the Premier League
Harry Wilson scores the game days most difficult goal agains Tottenham Hotspur.
This goal had only 3.4% chance of scoring. Congrats to this amazing performance!

Check out the game highlights:
Nr.2 place in the most difficult goal ranking is Kevin De Bruyne from Manchester City. The Xg value is 0.0397. What an amazing goal! And bad luck for Newcastle United 😊.
3rd place in the most difficult goal ranking was scored by Lewis Dunk (Brighton and Hove Albion). Outstanding performance by Lewis Dunk

Bravo! All 3 players did an amazing job. We love these goals and lets see who scores the most difficult goals next week.


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