Serie A on the rise! These are the best players in Italy

Seria A world-class football is back. 1vs1 shows you the best players in the Ieague.

"Serie A just isn't what it used to be" - for a long time, this phrase was true when talking to friends about Italy's highest soccer league. That has changed in the meantime: The championship battle is more exciting than ever before and offers plenty of entertainment in addition to footballing class. Exactly what us fans want to see!

Who are the best players in Italy?

We took a look at the 1vs1 index of the best players in Serie A for you and present the best players in the league. With the algorithm, we can pinpoint the actual performance of the players and provide you with a concrete figure that summarizes all the performance data of the players. Here is the ranking:

1. Theo Hernandez (AC Milan) - 1vs1 index: 87

Milan's dynamic left-back is really delivering this season. Four goals and six assists show that Hernandez's strengths lie in offense. With his enormous power and speed, the 24-year-old is virtually unstoppable for his opponents. The little brother of Bayern's Lucas Hernandez also shows a great deal of football intelligence: his 30 key passes to date are impressive for a full-back and put him 15th in the league.

2. Alessandro Bastoni (Inter Milan) - 1vs1 index: 86

Who will be the upcoming Italian defensive leader after Chiellini and Bonucci? Alessandro Bastoni has the best cards in this case. At the moment, the 1.90-meter man is the best central defender in the league with his index of 86. How does this top value come about? Above all, Bastoni's buildup play excels, as his high xGBuildup value reveals. Bastoni's defensive values also fit the bill, earning him second place in Serie A.

3. Rafael Leao (AC Milan) - 1vs1 index: 85

Who is the best offensive player in Italy? No, it's not one of the "bombers" Ciro Immobile or Dusan Vlahovic. It's the Portuguese winger Rafael Leao. With eight goals and four assists, Leao's scoring figures are good, but not fantastic - but the 22-year-old is giving Italy's defensive lines a hard time with his speed dribbles. Leao launches 5.57 dribblings per game - the third-best figure in Italy. Incidentally, 65% of them are successful, an excellent figure for a dribbler like Leao.

4 Lorenzo Pellegrini (AS Roma) - 1vs1 index: 85

Just behind you can find Lorenzo Pellegrini, Roma's best player. The playmaker has not only already recorded 12 scorer points this season (eight goals, four assists) but also impresses in several statistics. The most noticeable is his influence in the combination play of the Romans, because both in expected assists and created chances, the 25-year-old comes up with top values. In addition, he shoots outstanding standards.

5. Paulo Dybala (Juventus Turin) - 1vs1 index: 85

Paulo Dybala was unable to reach an agreement with Juventus Turin on a contract extension - now half of Europe should be keen on the Argentine, who is once again enchanting everyone with his technical abilities this season. The 28-year-old has eight goals and five assists to his name - but his impressive xGChain value shows that Dybala contributes much more to Juve's goalscoring success.

Want to see the full ranking? Just click here and check out more top players of the Italian Serie A.

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